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Great food.

It's not just because we've won the Central California Cookoff series four times that we know outstanding BBQ. (By the way, we won in the beef ribs, tri-tip and chicken categories and have won other contests, too). It's more because of the compliments we get each time we cater an event. Mouth-watering entrees are accompanied by the tastiest side dishes anywhere. Guests even rave about our signature Outlaws green salad!


Great service.

Outstanding service adds to the success of your event, ensuring that your guests are happy and you are, too! We are flexible, accommodating and happy to customize your menu for your event. We love what we do and it shows in every Outlaws event.


Great events.

We've all had too many rubber chicken dinners or dry, chewy BBQ meals. When you select Outlaws BBQ Catering, rest assured that your guests will have one of their best meals ever - one they will appreciate and thank you for! Our level of service and attention to your needs means you will enjoy your event as much as your guests. It's the only way - it's the Outlaws way.


We're fresh!

Our marinades, BBQ sauce and even our salad dressing is homemade, using the finest ingredients. While we'd love to, we can't share our recipes--too many Outlaws would be running around!

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